Ingrid Adriaenssens’s Gallery – Workshop is situated in the very heart of Ghent.Using her drawings as points of departure, Ingrid Adriaenssens designs her unique and timeless jewels with fire and warmth. To do so, she uses the time-honoured crafts of forging and casting. She draws with metal as it were in her very own language of form. She uses both traditional and contemporary skills and techniques in bringing together a variety of materials ranging from the delicacy of gold, the sincerity of silver, the richness of precious stones and the warmth of natural fibres, etc. You can view her permanent collection at her workshop but you can also ask her to transform your special wishes and feelings into a fine piece of jewellery.

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De lichte sprankelende hartstocht

Ingrid Adriaenssens’s constant challenge is to express feeling and sensuality in her jewelry. What’s exciting for her is that both men and women can wear her creations. Designing and making jewelry grew from her passion for drawing.  Details fascinate her because they can lead their own lives outside the larger whole. The sense of estrangement that stems from them is a seductive source of inspiration. Each of these ideas then lives on in her fascination for jewelry. The richness and three-dimensionality of the materials left her ample room to develop her own formal language. Among the guiding principles that help give expression to this formal language are life itself and literature, that very space where words forge sentences.

‘Without the slightest form of justification the world offers us a totality of completely different shapes ranging from the tiger to the rose. The pleasure that she awakens in us springs from that bouquet of “Light sparkling Passion” to which belongs the need for “variation” and the nascent preference people feel for variety and abundance.’ “Zötl’s Bestiary” – Giovanni Mariotti – Franco Maria Ricci

Exhibitions – selection – gallery

2014 Magazine “YES SIR” in collaboration with Louisa Maria Ponseele.
2013 “YES SIR” new collection jewellery for men.
2011 Groupexhibition with the New Harvest- Design Vlaanderen” at “Designerparcours Oeverture” Ghent/Belgium
Invitation and visit Beijing China “Fashionweek”.
2010 Publication “Fashion China” Beijing China.
2010 Selected by “Design Vlaanderen ” for the “New Harvest 2010” Brussels/Belgium Publication “Kwintessens”.
2009 Group exhibition organised by gallery Aaron Faaber – Fifth Avenue/New York
Theme : “Cut – Fold – Stitch” at “Sofa” New York
Exhibition at gallery Ingrid Adriaenssens of “Jorge Manilla” jewels “Contrastes”.
2008 Joods-Marokkaanse ontmoetingen (Shalom Salaam), group exhibition confronting contemporary Belgian Jewelry and Jewish-Maroccon Jewelry at the Design Museum, Ghent, Belgium in     cooperation with De Centrale (intercultural centre), Ghent, Belgium.
2007 Exhibition in gallery “Ingrid Adriaenssens” ceramics of Annemarie Laureys.
2006 Solo exhibition at gallery Guthschmidt, Den Haag, Netherlands. (catalogue).
2005 O dennenboom, o dennenboom (decorating the Christmas tree), group exhibition with a selection of artists in the fine arts at Scharpoord, Knokke, Belgium. (catalogue)
Stones, exhibition showing the new collections of Ingrid Adriaenssens and Els Vansteelandt at gallery Ingrid Adriaenssens, Ghent, Belgium.
2004 For your eyes only (symbolism of engagement rings), exhibition at the Diamantmuseum (diamond museum), Antwerp, Belgium. (catalogue)
Leaves, exhibition showing the new collections of Ingrid Adriaenssens and Els Vansteelandt at gallery Ingrid Adriaenssens, Ghent, Belgium.
2002 Rock-paper-scissors, opening event of the new gallery/workshop Ingrid Adriaenssens
(with a workshop for children, designing and making jewelry) at gallery Ingrid Adriaenssens, Ghent, Belgium.
1999 Homage to Wim Ibens, at Academie voor Schone Kunsten (Academy of Fine Arts), Antwerp, Belgium.
1993 Design and production of jewelry for Ann Huybens’ fashion show, Ghent, Belgium.
1990 Honorable mention, Prize from the Province East-Flanders, at the group exhibition in the Museum voor Sierkunst (Arts & Crafts Museum), Ghent, Belgium.
Opening own gallery/workshop at Belfortstraat, Ghent, Belgium.
1988 Kreatief ambacht (creative craft), group exhibition at VIZO for Made in Belgium, Brussels, Belgium. (VIZO = Belgian foundation supporting designers)
Juwelen/keramiek (jewelry/ceramics), group exhibition at gallery Brabo Mercator, Antwerp, Belgium. (catalogue)
Visie 88 (vision 88), group exhibition at De Beers diamantjuwelen, Antwerp, Belgium. (catalogue)
1987 Prize from the VRI.K.A., Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (Royal Academy of Fine Arts), Antwerp, Belgium.
1986 Hoofdjuwelen (headjewelry), group exhibition at Pforzheim, Germany. (catalogue).


Royal Academy of fine arts Antwerp – Edelsmeedkunst – Jewelrydesign.